April Comms Round-up

Well it may have been the wettest April since records began, but the bad weather hasn’t dampened our spirits – or our workload! With more people staying in and logging on to shelter themselves from the April showers, we’ve been busy making the most of the increased online activity.

The start of the month saw us say goodbye to our Standard Template. With the Premium Template offering so much more in terms of features, functionality and user experience as a whole, the decision was made to offer nothing less than this first class service.

With the ever growing demand to have the world at our fingertips, more and more partners are launching their own mobile sites. This month we sent a follow up to our previous Comms about mobile sites and all they have to offer, to ensure that no-one was missing out. Compared to the previous week we saw an increase of 20% in unique mobile visitors. We followed this activity up with a prize draw for anyone accessing their account via the mobile site, which saw total traffic on the 3 days following the campaign up 7.2% on the month’s average.

As you will have noticed, we’ve given the site homepages a little makeover! We sent a campaign informing members that they are now able to search, see who’s online and use the Encounters feature, without having to leave the homepage.

So now for April’s main event… Easter! Our Easter 4 hour Free Read Eggstravaganza proved to be a great success with the number of members online increasing by 32% compared to the same time range in the previous week. We followed up the Free Read, which was available to all networks in all countries, with a 40% off offer.

As if all of that wasn’t enough… we’ve also been busy promoting cross-registrations between the General and Adult networks and sending our usual featured member emails. To round off the month, we sent a 40% off ‘JUSTBECAUSE’ offer to members on all networks both UK and International. We’ll let you know how it did next time!

Until next month…

Jenna Keating, Comms Team.

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