A Day In The Life Of A Partner Manager

Ever wondered what it’s like to work at We asked Partner Manager Melissa Thompson to share her working day with us last week …

The first full week back to work after all the recent Bank Holidays has been a busy one. As much as we all love the extra time off, playing catch up at work is manic! We had a really busy and successful member comms campaign running over the Bank Holiday weekend which saw a massive increase in not only basic members (and I don’t think that was just down to the awful weather), but we also had a good uptake in the 3 for 2 offer that was running. We have been looking over the results and putting together some follow-up campaigns with the Marketing team to ensure we make the most of the influx in traffic and get them converting!!

For me, working with a mixed range of partners ranging from individuals, to media partners, to partners who have dating sites as a bolt-on to their existing business, is really interesting as I get to see lots of different approaches to marketing and am able to help and advise in all different aspects of making the sites a success.

The guys at Go Telcom sent me an exciting email about their TV marketing campaign which went live last Friday evening- very impressed and excited to see what effect it has for the site 🙂

I have recently been helping a few of my individual partners with getting their sites converted over to the Premium Template. Most partners are now running sites on this, but I still have the odd site that they are yet to move over. The Premium Template, as I am sure you will all agree, is far better looking and provides a much better user experience. Not only that, all the new features our Development team have been busy working on are only available on the Premium Template. To make sure your sites have access to all of the latest features and functions, make sure you get sites converted over ASAP- ( Your Partner Manager will be more than happy to help if you need reminding what to do). Facebook Connect is one of the features we have recently added and members seem to love it! Not only does it reassure members the site is safe and easy to use but we have seen a 10% increase in photos being uploaded: more photos = more to look at = more time on the site!

Other than converting sites over to the new template I have been trying to get my head around Google Analytics and measuring the results of split testing landing pages- the MVT testing is never ending but it’s amazing what a few minor changes here and there can make- they don’t even have to be drastic changes. I have found that by keeping the landing page design fresh and seasonally relevant, it really engages the members and lets them know there are people behind the site. They are more likely to join a site that they feel they can associate with it and is relevant to them. It might be worth thinking about giving your site a little design spring clean!

The rest of my day has been filled with catching up on emails and looking into my partners’ Google AdWords campaigns – reviewing and advising on tweaks here and there. I think it’s easier to discuss changes and generally catch up with my partners over the phone, so after several phone calls, (which
always end up being pretty long as I’m a bit of a chatterbox), it’s home time before I know it!

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