A Day In The Life Of A Partner Manager

Here’s the next instalment of our ‘Day In The Life’ feature- we asked Partner Manager Kabeer Ghale to share his working day with us…


Right, so I’ve just about caught up with my emails and to-do lists, and I’m probably on coffee number two by now as well… I manage a variety of accounts, some of them pretty large and established, some fairly small, and almost all of our new accounts and sites that are set up by new Partners; so my portfolio is constantly growing. We have a lot of interest from potential Partners who are looking to set up a site with us, and I set myself some time to go through the Partner Inbox on a daily basis, ensuring that they have as much information as they need in order to proceed with launching a dating site with us. Online dating is a very competitive market (as are most things these days) so it is essential that your site stands out against the others. I cannot stress the importance of having an effective, striking and inviting landing page that really catches the visitor’s eye. After all, this is the page that they land on, and if they don’t like the look of it then they’ll more than likely go elsewhere. A striking landing page, coupled with effective marketing and driving the right traffic to your site is ultimately the bottom line to running a successful dating site.

Once I have gone through the Partner Inbox, I look at moderating the new sites that have been submitted by new or existing Partners that I currently manage. It is paramount that the colour schemes of the site, along with the headers/footers match up with your landing page design to ensure brand consistency throughout. When setting up a new site, I always encourage the Partner to launch on our Premium template, which is available at no extra cost. Some of the advantages of using our Premium template are that it has a strong track record of higher conversion rates compared to the Standard template and offers the user an improved layout and general functionality plus a faster and better all-round service.

Users are also now able to login with their Facebook details using the Facebook Connect application; which also offers the presence of Facebook so visitors will brand associate when they see it. We also continually look to improve and upgrade our platform and niches on a regular basis: our Exclusive Niching facility has just been launched and these ongoing upgrades are being made to the Premium template only.

Aside from the above, I’ll be on email and phone to new and existing Partners for a fair chunk of the day. I monitor and assess the performance of my existing accounts, review Partners’ campaigns and generally do what I can to make sure that my Partners are getting the most from their site, with the ultimate aim to grow them as much as possible. I regularly advise on any improvements that their sites may benefit from such as landing page changes, whether it be layout, colours, images, text (you’d be surprised what a significant impact small changes can actually make); and switching sites over to our Premium template. I encourage the use of our Partner Portal to view the performance of sites, as it generates a variety of useful reports to monitor Signups, Conversions, Revenue, as well as others. I also advise on the use of Adwords for Campaign Tracking and Google Analytics to monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing. Setting up Google Goals and e-Commerce Tracking means that you can start tracking site performance from Day 1. For those who are not familiar with these tools, there are actually some very helpful and informative guides on YouTube believe it or not; alternatively please contact your Partner Manager if you have any queries.

On the topic of marketing, I send out a Marketing Ideas document to all our new Partners, and all existing Partners who are looking for some inspiration in terms of promoting their site further. To view a copy of this document, get in touch.

So that’s my day so to speak. When I’m not on the phone, I’m sending an email. When I’m not assessing site performances of existing Partners, I’m assisting new Partners in getting started. If I’m not doing any of those then I’m probably making myself a cup of tea, strong, two sugars 🙂

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