A Day in the Life of a Partner Manager

Partner Managers play a crucial role in helping partners drive traffic to their sites on the platform. So you can find out a bit more about what they get up to, Partner Manager, Jess Dimsdale, talks us through a day in her life…

Coming into the office the first thing I do is start up my laptop and then head straight to the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea, something I always need to start my day!

When I get back to my desk, cup of tea in hand, I open up all of my bookmarked pages. These help me with my day to day jobs and give me all the stats I need to ensure I am advising my partners on everything they need to know. I also open up a report to give me an insight into how my portfolio of partners performed the previous day, allowing me to make notes on anything that I need to focus on or chase up. By this time, I am also logged into my email and start working through my ever-full inbox. There will often be a number of emails that need to be dealt with straight away so it’s time to get my head down.

I look after a large portfolio of bronze, silver and a few media partners – all of which have different requirements. This means that I’m constantly switching between different tasks, which is great as it keeps me on the ball and keeps my day varied. Ultimately, my goal is to ensure that all of my partners achieve the best results they can within their individual budgets and to get them the ROI they need to continue to grow with us. This week I’m focusing on my partners who have a large portfolio of sites, making sure they are monetising their traffic and focusing on the sites that convert members best for them. I get to work on filtering through my partners and calling them up to discuss the possibility of cross-registration and site-specific special offers.

As a team, we’ve found that cross-selling sites within a partner’s portfolio not only gets a good visitor to sign up rate but even better, helps to monetise any un-paying traffic. This means that if a partner has a number of sites that fit a specific niche, they can cross-sell these sites to other sites in their platform through the site application. Needless to say, after I call my partners that fit the criteria, they send completed cross-sell banners over to me so I can then start work on the coding that needs to go into the site. This takes up quite a chunk of my time and meanwhile, I re-visit my inbox to find that it’s filling up again. So I delve back in and tackle a few emails before realising its lunch time already. The morning has flown by!

On return from lunch (and after I’ve indulged in WAY too much chocolate), I head back to my desk and start contacting any partners that need help to improve their conversion rates. I get back on the phone to discuss the thoughts I have regarding site specific offers. I have found that offers are great for sites with slow burning traffic or large numbers of basic registrations that are seemingly difficult to convert; and help get things moving again. I draw up some offer codes to sit in the site footer.

As soon as the offer codes are put into action, they will start to show up in the tracking report so that we can monitor which payments are coming from which offer codes, and as such, assess how well each code is performing. This is a great way to boost overall numbers and ROI. (If you are interested in talking further about the possibility of setting up cross-registration and site specific offers, contact your Partner Manager today).

By the time I’ve got the offers up and running, it’s getting close to the end of the working day. I scan through my emails one last time to ensure I am completely up to date, before making some final checks on how my sites are performing to make sure I’m on track to where I need to be.

Before I shut down my laptop I write a quick ‘to do’ list to set up for the tasks I need to complete throughout the week – I like to keep myself organised! It looks like it’s going to be a busy week again but that’s how I like it. Although Monday is over, there’s still plenty more to get done! ☺

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