71…and Still Growing!!

My my haven’t we grown!! now have a very impressive 71 dedicated staff members all waiting to help you out whatever your enquiry may be!

It’s really quite the success story for the little dating company that started up nearly 5 years ago, and now we’re growing so big that we’re bursting at the seams!

We do like to keep you up to date with our new starters, but we have just had so many in the past few weeks that’s its hard it keep up ourselves!

The admin and support team alone have grown hugely over the last month. The teams have never been so strong, they are ready and waiting in their numbers to deal with any need you may have. This also means that we now have greater resource servicing your members, ensuring that they’re happy and more likely to extend their membership – earning you more money. You can see just a handful of some of the new WLD crew in the pic below.

We have also had new arrivals in the marketing and development team. Katie Mowe has joined the ever growing marketing team as our Consumer Marketing Manager and Jennifer Woof and Martin Sadler have joined our dedicated in-house development team to work on our ever-evolving platform.

We’re so excited that the business continues to grow from strength to strength and we promise to keep you up to date on any new additions to the family!

New staff members

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