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With 30 projects on our radar, the project management team is a whirlwind of activity. Today on the blog, I’m going to talk you through two of the key projects that we’re currently working on at Global Personals.

Partner Payments

This is a massive project! We are committed to giving our partners the best possible opportunities to monetise their dating businesses, and part of that are the in-house reporting and analytics tools that we offer. The development team are currently rewriting some of the major reports that run on a daily and/or monthly basis, as well as making improvements to the way that partner statements are generated – rolling them all into one.

We’re also making changes to the Partner Portal, streamlining the finance team’s processes and adding extra flexibility to the way we manage revenue shares. We’re also integrating with a new accounting system… It’s a huge project!

Work started in March. Although that seems like a very long time ago, the complexities and delicacy of the systems that we’re working with mean that the project has to be handled with care, over time. There’s no margin for error when it comes to finance and in actual fact, the team have been making excellent progress.

We are currently entering the final phase of this project, so our partners will be feeling the benefits of this very soon!

The Product

We’re currently working on improving the user experience of the application, one of these advancements centres around communication.  The first step in this ongoing project was to implement a brand new Instant Messenger tool, replacing the third party chat service that we used previously with a new system, built in-house. Users can now open multiple 1-2-1 live chats at any given time. To maintain the platform’s consistently high user experience, IM also utilises our notification bar to alert users of chat requests, keeping all active chats in one place. Emoji have also been included to allow each of our members to show off their personality.


This is just one element of the overarching communication project; there will be many more developments to come in the not too distant future. Big changes to the profile editing functionality are on their way, alongside improvements to make the platform much more engaging, interactive and user friendly.

These are exciting changes to the front end of our platform, not just for users but for partners as well. Watch this space for updates!


These are just two of the areas that we’re currently improving, but rest assured that there are a number of other projects on the way. Keep an eye on our blog for more details on the exciting new projects we have in the pipeline.

Alex, Project Manager @

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