Product update: Verification, deliverability, and member engagement

As our top tier partners heard at last week’s mid-year conference, the White Label Dating® development team have been working hard to enhance our core dating product and improve your revenue over the past few weeks. Here’s what they’re working on at the moment.

Team Prime



1. To improve our payment system by integrating a second payment gateway service provider.

Team Prime are working to integrate Wirecard into our payments system. We aim to use this gateway as a new option for future Adult network payments.

Team Pi



1. To improve email deliverability rates by making the opt-out option clearer in the verification email design.

2. To improve email verification rates on mobile by creating a responsive verification email template.

3. To prepare the payment system for the VAT increase in South Africa.

Team Pi are currently redesigning the verification email to encourage members to opt-out of email notifications rather than marking them as spam. The team are also creating a new responsive email verification template to increase the number of mobile users that verify their email address. We plan to A/B test the new verification email design and responsive template will on our B2C sites; if the tests are successful, we’ll then roll this out to partner sites.

A new bill will come into effect in South Africa on 1st June that will see VAT rise to 14%. Team Pi are updating all internal payment and billing systems to ensure the VAT increase is handled correctly.

Team Tron

Team Tron are a brand new team that launched earlier this month thanks to the growth of our development team! Welcome Tronners.


Team Tron

1. To improve upgrade rates by making improvements to the payment page.

2. To increase upgrade rates on South African sites by adding a phone number for the upgrade line to the payment page.

3. To improve mobile verification rates by allowing members to update their email address on mobile sites.

Team Tron’s primary aim is to design changes to the payment page that place greater emphasis on the benefits of upgrading. They are also working to improve the usability of the AVS (Address Verification Service) form on US sites. US members must enter their address when making a payment online; AVS data then checks that the card details and the address entered match up – the payment will only be accepted if the card and address match. When the team move into the development and creation phase of this project, we’ll be able to determine a roll-out plan.

Team Bolt



1. To improve our reporting capabilities by integrating Google Analytics Premium across White Label Dating software.

2. To increase profile completion rates by introducing a new feature, Profile Q&As.

Team Bolt are working with Google to integrate the tracking code for our new Premium Google Analytics account. The enhanced tracking that the tool offers will make our reporting tools more accurate and reliable. We’ll be telling you more about when you expect to see new features and how they work in the near future.

Profile Q&As will ask members simple questions about themselves which will allow them to create a detailed and high quality dating profile.

Team Makers

You may have read Josh’s blog about his transition from working in the West End to life as a developer working on White Label Dating software, via his training at Makers Academy. Team Makers was created to integrate Josh into the team and allow him to become accustomed our software and style. The Encounters project detailed below is now complete and Josh is moving to work in one of our permanent teams. Congratulations Josh and Team Makers on the completion of a great project!


1. To increase member engagement on mobile sites by launching the Encounters feature.

Encounters allows members to rate each other with a Yes, No or Maybe vote, and triggers email notifications when a positive vote is cast. This drives members back to the site and encourages them to view more profiles – which is what online dating is all about.
Encounters is currently being A/B tested on B2C mobile sites. If the test results are positive, we’ll then roll this feature out onto B2B mobile sites.

Prod Up  prod up 2

Jen Woof, Senior Project Manager, White Label Dating®


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