Product update: Reducing chargebacks and increasing conversion

Over the past few weeks, our teams have been working to reduce the number of chargebacks your sites receive. They’ve also been putting a lot of energy into increasing conversion rates with a number of new initiatives.

Team Pi


Pi1. Reduce chargeback rates by updating the payment page.

2. Increase registration rates by enabling cross-registration on mobile sites.

One of the common reasons that sites receive chargebacks is because  members misunderstand the terms and conditions of their subscription package. To solve this, Team Pi have updated the payment page to clearly explain to members what the total cost of their subscription will be. The page also explains how the re-billing system works in a way that is easier to understand. By making members better informed, we hope to reduce chargeback rates.

The team have also been working on enabling cross-registration on mobile sites, to increase registration rates. The mobile offering replicates the current desktop cross-registration service, giving you another way to monetise your traffic.

Team Bolt


Bolt1. Reduce chargeback rates by improving the information available to members who see a link to our service on their bank statement.

When a member takes out a subscription package with any site on the White Label Dating network, the charge will appear on their bank statement as ‘ or ‘’ for those in the US. These websites explain who we are and what they are being charged for. This is because members may not instantly recognise that they are being billed for their subscription to by ‘’.

In an effort to reduce chargebacks, Team Bolt have updated the copy on these pages to make it easier to understand, clearly communicating who the charge is from and how subscriptions can be cancelled. US members see the variant and non-US members see the variant.  There are now local freephone numbers for all territories that are connected to our customer care teams, the pages include live chat and we use https to increase visitors’ confidence.

Team Prime


Prime1. Reduce chargeback rates by making changes to billing services.

2. Increase conversion rates by adding a 24 hour pass to the payment page.

Team Prime have implemented changes to the platform that will disable the credit auto-top-up feature. The team also ensured that credit card payments from cards that have previously requested a chargeback will be automatically blocked. Both of these features should begin to support a reduction in chargeback rates very soon.

In a bid to increase conversion rates, Team Prime introduced the option for members to take out a 24 hour pass if they don’t yet want to commit to a longer-term subscription package. The 24-hour pass is a non-rebilling subscription which members can pay for via credit/debit card and PayPal. We expect conversion rates to increase accordingly, and will be testing the effect that this pass has on members subsequently taking out longer-term subscription packages. This is an optional addition for site owners and will not be default.

If you have any questions about any of our latest product updates, please get in touch with the Partner team.

Jen Woof, Senior Project Manager, White Label Dating

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