Product update: profile experience, payments and Scamalytics

Here’s what our development team are working on at the moment…

Team Pi


Pi1.To complete the Scamalytics internal integration.

Scamalytics is a powerful scammer detection tool that’s been working in the background of our platform for a while now. It provides a score of how likely it is that a particular profile is a scammer based on data from across the dating industry. We have been collecting and evaluating this data for a while now and the results have been really useful. The next stage of our integration with Scamalytics is to investigate how we can use this data to automatically remove high-scoring profiles that are likely to be scammers and remove them as quickly as possible..

By automatically removing high-rating scammer profiles, our moderation team can dedicate their time to reviewing profiles that require deeper investigation.

Team Bolt


team_bolt_logo1. To continue improving the personal profile experience.

A few weeks ago, we mentioned that Team Bolt were making improvements to the profile page. We’re currently A/B testing the first version of the new page on selected sites. The first release of this made improvements to the basic information members share and increased the number of gallery images on the profile page.

Our second iteration involved introducing a brand new engagement bar that will follow users as they scroll down a member’s profile page. This means that they’ll be able to interact with another member from anywhere on their profile, including the photo gallery. As well as this, we’re introducing one-click engagement buttons. These will allow members to wink or favourite a user with one-click rather than having to confirm the action via a modal window. Both of these features will make the profile experience a lot more fluid, which we hope will encourage greater member-to-member engagement.

Team Prime


Prime1. To test the effectiveness of different payment gateways on the UK network.

Over the past few months, Team Prime have been working incredibly hard to integrate our platform with multiple payment gateways. First we integrated with Wirecard, then PayPal Pro and now we’re testing a third gateway called Axcess. As a result of these launches, we have now set up two payment gateway tests on the UK network. On UK mainstream sites, we’re running an A/B/C test to measure the effectiveness of Wirecard versus PayPal Pro versus Axcess. On UK casual sites, we’re running an A/B test on Wirecard versus Axcess.

We’re currently monitoring the acceptance and failure rates for each of these gateways, comparing a multitude of areas such as issuing bank, card type, network etc. and hope to be able to share the results soon.

That’s all for now, see you next time! For any questions on our latest developments, contact the partner team.

Ben AuYeung, ScrumMaster at White Label Dating®

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