Introducing product updates

We’re launching a new series of fortnightly product updates to tell you what we’re working on to enhance our platform and enrich both user experience and revenue.

Our Development team work using Agile development processes. You can find out more about how in our post about our Agile transformation. Here’s what our almost 50-strong development team are up to at the moment:

Team Pi

Aim: To increase email verification rates for all members across the system.

Team Pi’s primary goal is to add instructions on how to verify your account as a step in the Profile Wizard. We’ll be testing this feature on members with either a Hotmail, Outlook, MSN or Live email address, before rolling it out to members using other email providers.

The team’s secondary delivery will involve creating a verification reminder email, which will be sent to unverified members twenty-four hours after sign up. We’ll test its effect on verification of members of selected sites, see how it performs and if all goes well, we’ll roll the feature out to all sites.

Team Bolt

Aim: To encourage upgrades by limiting selected functionality for non-subscribers.

The team will make Who’s Viewed Me visible only to full members. Basic members will be shown how popular they are by receiving a notification for the number of the profile views they have received, but will need to upgrade to find out exactly which members viewed their profile. If the test shows positive results, we’ll roll this out to all users.

 Team Prime


  • To boost site engagement on mobile.

  • To test conversion rates on different package mixes.

We plan to boost engagement by adding a Most Viewed Today feed on the mobile homepage. This feature demonstrated positive results when tested on desktop in December, so now we’re investigating whether the feature has the same effect on mobile sites.

We’ll be enabling you to choose a 3-month subscription package highlight to allow you to test conversion rates further. You’ll also be able to rate card test this package mix against other variants.

NB: If any tests are running on your site, you will have been notified by a member of the partner team.

If you have any questions about the projects we’re working on, please contact the partner team! We’ll be back in two weeks to tell you what’s in the pipeline.

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