Customer Support Team Update w/c 29th March

As we are nearing the end of March, we have taken the time to reflect upon the month that we have had. It really has been a busy one and has gone by in a flash. The last of our new features this month was the launch of the ‘Ice Breaker’ facility. This new feature allows all members, once they have uploaded a photo, to introduce themselves to hundreds of members by composing one message. This is a great way to reach a large number of members and to make some immediate connections. This is especially beneficial to our basic members who are not sure whether to upgrade their accounts or not. By using the ‘Ice breaker’ facility, we are not only encouraging members to upload a photo which has shown to improve success rates, but are also giving them a chance to sell themselves before committing to a payment. They can then gage the response they receive back which can be the final push they need to upgrade their account. The moderating team have been kept busy as they are now approving all ice breakers too.

This month has seen a number of significant changes and has solely been about driving customer satisfaction by making the sites as user friendly as possible. We have seen a rise in customer satisfaction and a promising decline in complaints. Needless to say that this is just the beginning and there is plenty more to come from the support team throughout the year.

As always thanks so much for reading and have a brilliant week!

Member Query of the week

With the Ice Breaking facility proving to be such a huge success, we have been on hand to answer all of the many queries. The most frequent query has been ‘what type of thing should I write in my message if it’s reaching so many people’. Well the answer is simple really, just be yourself! We want our members to have fun on the site and enjoy meeting new people. Therefore, their messages should reflect this by being as fun and friendly as possible. Just a few lines to introduce yourself, and maybe write a little about what you are looking for is perfect. Basically whatever feels comfortable and natural, just as though you were talking to someone you had just met in a bar or through a friend. All we ask is that they keep it clean and do not include any personal details. We think our members are really enjoying this new feature and appreciate all the help we are giving them.

Customer Satisfaction Rate


Good Feedback

We are proud of our work and of our members too! This is reflected in our good feedback every week…

Sharon on Plenty More Fish UK

“This is just to let you know that I have already met someone within 4 days of being on your website, and would like to hide my profile now, as we will be meeting again. I cannot thank you enough as without being on here I would not have met such a lovely man. I am thrilled to bits. I came on here purely on impulse, and it has worked. I am so happy!! Thanks again. Sharon”


I wish the members on here were as open and well spoken as the support team. I’d have no problem getting to know people then. I guess between me and the support team, we have convidence talking to people. When I go to a shop in town, If I buy something and the girl is pretty behind the counter, I allways almost ask her out, as she has a good nature, and she comments on what I’m buying, it really makes me feel good. I’m shy though, and the time between us is far to short. Well, I hope I can meet someone on here as open as the support team, who makes an effort to respond and reasure.

Yay for the good ol support team.:P Thank you. Ben. (:

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