Our People

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    Ross Williams
    Co-Founder and Owner
  • team-member_0017_2-optimised
    Steve Pammenter
    Co-Founder and Owner
  • team-member_0014_5-optimised
    David Adams
    Chief Revenue Officer
  • team-member_0006_13-optimised
    Ian Winter
    Head of Technology
  • team-member_0015_4-optimised
    Emma Inniss
    Head of Customer Care
  • team-member_0003_16-optimised
    Jeremy Chinn
    Head of Finance
  • team-member_0002_17-optimised
    Matt Harman
    Customer Engagement Manager
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    Seb Hall
    Head of White Label Dating
  • team-member_0016_3-optimised
    Kerry Porteus
    Head of Marketing
  • team-member_0011_8-optimised
    Daniel McEyeson
    Account Manager
  • team-member_0010_9-optimised
    Richard Beaumont
    Account Manager
  • team-member_0013_6-optimised
    Elliott Lang
    Account Manager
  • team-member_0007_12-optimised
    Louise Lovejoy
    Project Coordinator
  • team-member_0005_14-optimised
    Gavin Pearce
    Lead Site Reliability Engineer
  • team-member_0004_15-optimised
    Hollie Smith
    Senior Finance Analyst
  • team-member_0001_18-optimised
    Liberty Caton
    Fraud and Payments Analyst

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