Your July cheat sheet!

When you work in a world that moves as fast as dating, any tools that could increase your productivity are invaluable.

Check out the latest recommendations from the White Label Dating® partner team for improving your workflow.




Open Site Explorer: Whether you’re checking out what a competitor is up to, you’re thinking about buying a new domain or you’ve been hit by a Google penalty, Open Site Explorer is the self-professed ‘search engine for links’. Type in a URL to find all backlinks for that page.

MozBar: Streamline your SEO by plugging the MozBar into your browser. It will let you see a range of SEO metrics for any page you visit. You can create custom searches too.

Wildfire: If you want to build out your social media strategy, you need to know what your competitors are doing. Use Wildfire’s ‘Track your Competitors’ tool to see how you perform against them.

Wix: When it comes to designing your landing page, Wix is really handy if you’re not that adept at building your own. It’s user-friendly and is also useful for creating banners, headers, and footers too.

FotoFlexer: Not only does FotoFlexer let you create transparent PDFs, you can also use this tool to design great mobile landing pages. It’s simple to use and lets you incorporate gifs too.



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