Your Christmas checklist

Well ladies and gents, it’s now that time of year,
where people spend time with those they hold dear.
But while many give gifts to the one that they love,
there are many who haven’t been lucky enough.

This year some have been busy and not had the time,
to sit back, relax and meet someone online.
But now is the time of year when it often hits home,
that no one wants to spend Christmas alone.

So where does one start and what can you do,
to make someone’s Christmas wish finally come true.
Well it’s really quite simple, you can forget mistletoe,
this Christmas they’ll find love through their tablet or phone!
With mobiles on wish lists of naughty and nice,
more online searches come from a mobile device.
In fact mobile traffic has gone through the roof,
an almost 50% sign up rate, now isn’t that good!
So optimise your site (if you haven’t already),
and this Christmas ensure that you’re mobile friendly.
Tailor your site to your brand and demographic,
to create a call-to-action that’s pretty fantastic.
In fact rather than one, create two or three,
then gauge the type of response that you will receive.
You see there is always room to improve and to test,
until you find the mobile page that works for you best!
Now to redirect traffic from desktop to phone,
you will need to insert, a small piece of code.
Call the partner team today and we’ll give you this snippet,
then we’ll tell you where on your page is the best place to stick it.
As Christmas approaches there’s a strong lift in traffic,
particularly from mobiles and all kinds of tablets.
So get your mobile site running and watch your revenue rise,
and feel free to call us if you need some advice.
Other than that, I’ve covered everything here,
so I’ll wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Sebastian Hall, Partner Manager at White Label Dating

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