Winter Weather Increases the Ever Growing Online Dating Market

So the bad weather may be causing a hell of a lot of stress, slippery roads and a increase in carrot sales, I mean every snowman needs a nose! However it is also causing some unforeseen effects in the online dating department. Since the UK weather has plunged to below freezing temperatures its seems people have become ever so curious and dipped their finger in the already very successful Internet dating phenomena, causing a huge rise in sign ups.

It seems people are getting slightly board of watching daytime television and have turned their attentions towards exploring the online dating scene. Visitors to shot up by 27% across Tuesday and Wednesday of this week compared with figures from a year ago. Our very own Katie Mowe was quoted in the BBC News article Online dating soars as temperatures plunge saying “January is our busiest month anyway, as many single people make it their new year’s resolution to find a partner.” We have also seen some great increases in traffic to many of our partners sites this week, and this is only going to continue.

The increase in sign ups is a bonus to the already profiting market. A study carried out by the Forrester Research group found that the number of Britons paying to use online dating sites it set to grow from 2.6 millions in 2006 to six million in 2012.

There are many different reasons for the increased interest towards online dating. Firstly the subject has been a very talked about issue within the media and people’s understanding is beginning to grow which leads them to become more confident and comfortable having a go themselves. The stigma that has been previously attached to Internet dating has long vanished and people are now much more welcoming towards the idea. With Internet and laptops becoming a everyday necessity in most households, joining up has never been so easy.

As the temperatures across the UK shows no sign of improving, we can all happily sit back and see all those singletons finding a bit of winter romance for themselves. Lets just hope they will all be able to make it to their first dates!

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