Blog Partner up With IntroAnalytics to Bring you Smarter Matchmaking

We are very excited to announce our recent partnership with IntroAnalytics. The recent technology partnership means great new matchmaking facilities for all members.

So what does it actually all mean? Well for a start it will transform the online dating experience, dating will become faster and more effective for the user, making the experience one they remember, enjoy and will definitely go back for!

The basic idea around the new recommended members tool is that it does the hard work for you. Rather than replying on the users preferences and questionnaires it recommends other members based on implicit behaviour as they move around the site. It bases its recommendations on what profiles they visited, who they may have winked at and what other members they added to their favourites. The more the members use the site the better the matches become, the clever computer technology starts to learn peoples ‘type’ and then it suggests others that fit that criteria. It means your members will spend less time searching, they will get better matches and it will widen their net use by recommending members that may be outside their area, therefore increasing their changes of finding their perfect partner. Which means increased retention rates for you, always good news!

This new IntroAnalytics recommendation technology is a first in the online dating industry and is available on all of your sites now, so enjoy 🙂

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