Welcoming a new Platinum Partner!

We are delighted to unveil the appointment of our newest Platinum Partner as Plentymore LLP!



Looking to find a way to monetise after four years of working independently, the duo behind Plentymore, Steve and Steve, first joined the White Label Dating family in September 2006.

By December 2006, the site was making £1000 a month which led one half of Plentymore to take a leap of faith, give up his day job and focus on dating full time. By June 2007, both Steves were working on their dating business full time. And the rest is history!

Plentymore have been with us since the start. They were here when we hired our current VP North America, Gary Taylor, as the first ever White Label Dating Partner Manager, they attended our inaugural Partner Conference and they stuck with us through the longest recession in economic history, coming out the other side even bigger and better than ever before.




Having launched numerous TV campaigns both in the UK and overseas, committing to an extensive marketing strategy and building a great relationship with their Partner Manager, we are delighted to be able to award Plentymore LLP with the status of Platinum Partner. This appointment sees them join two other fastest-growing and highest revenue generating partners in the Platinum tier.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Plentymore LLP for giving us their support, showing unwavering commitment and dedication to their dating business and for helping us get to where we are today. Here’s to the future!

Best regards,

Steve Pammenter
Co-founder & COO
White Label Dating®

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