Up and Coming Markets

As dating continues to go from strength to strength, new opportunities continue to present themselves. As are at the front of the dating market, It’s easy for us to identify emerging trends. We communicate these at the earliest opportunity to give you the best possible opportunity to take advantage of them. It’s now becoming quite apparent that the Christian network for South Africa is beginning to show considerable growth worth mentioning.

In the Christian network for South Africa, we have seen astonishing results growing by a massive 17.26% since Oct 09! There are some particularly strong leaders who represent this figure such as, and Not only are the sites well branded, we believe that this is a representation of the opportunity presented by such a young and unsaturated market.

For partners looking to start a site in a particular network like this one, it’s especially satisfying to know when an opportunity like this is showing faster growth than ever previously recorded. Now could be your opportune time to enter this niche! If you want to know more about the Christian network in South Africa then get in touch and find out what is on offer. Remember, the more research that you do the greater your likelihood of success. Our experienced Partner Team are waiting to help – so what are you waiting for?


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