Understanding where to invest your time across a vast portfolio

For those of you who have extensive portfolios, it can be really hard to know which sites and brands to invest your time in to achieve a good return on investment.

Analysing your initial revenue per basic (IRPB) at a site-by-site level is a fast and efficient way to do this and will allow you to determine how much initial revenue every basic member that you register generates. Your IRPB can be influenced by conversion rate and how much your members pay for your sites (initial subscription value).

To calculate your IRPB, you need to divide your initial revenue by your number of registrations for any given site.

When you’ve calculated your IRPB, here’s how to evaluate your portfolio:

  • In one column, rank your sites in order of their volume of registrations
  • In a second column, calculate the IRPB for each site
  • Highlight any sites or brands that have a high IRPB in green
  • Highlight any sites that drive a high volume of registrations but that bring in a low IRPB in red

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When you know which sites have a high or low IRPB:

  • Dedicate more of your acquisition spend and resource to sites with a high IRPB
  • For sites with a low IRPB, look at their conversion and initial subscription value over time to see if you can influence the IRPB
  • If IRPB remains low, reduce effort and spend invested in sites with a low IRPB

If you have any questions about how to calculate your IRPB, get in touch with your partner manager today.

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