Toyboy Anyone??

Ever thought of having a toyboy? Having a bit of fun with a younger man? Well one of our partners who owns can makes those ideas happen.

mrsrobingson is a site for “the sexy older women and beautiful young men”, and helps out women who may have a slight fetish for the younger man!

The site recently carried out a online survey of 2,000 women over the age of 40 and found out that 40% of them would like to experiment with a toyboy, which is excellent news for the site. The survey was picked up by a variety of different newspapers and magazine, including The Daily Mail, the Sun and the Metro. It also received some great coverage over the net. They all tended to pick up the story and relate it to celebrity couples who tend to have that slightly bigger age difference!

Using an online survey of your members if a great way to get noticed, giving people numbers and stats that they can relate to and use for an article or press release is a perfect way for getting your site name out there and getting realised as an online brand. Having your site name so widely publicised will also help with those all important conversion rates.

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