The perfect addition to your site

More and more businesses are turning to dating as an additional source of revenue as advertising revenues take a tumble. It’s encouraging that more partners are launching dating facilities even when this can be quite a diversification away from their original business.

Due to the minimal amount of effort involved with launching a site on our platform and the ease of integration, it’s no surprise that this is an option gaining much popularity of late.

Given the already had an active community on their site, the recent addition of dating as a feature complimented their offering perfectly. Given that the site acts as a complete one-stop shop for the over-50s, this is a subtle new source of revenue for the site owners.

If you have an existing site, it’s worth remembering that integrating dating into your site is really simple to do and can provide you with a reliable source of revenue. Feel free to get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help.


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