The benefits of Google AdWords cross-device conversion tracking

With 90% of consumers using a combination of mobile, tablet and desktop devices to complete a purchase, putting accurate tracking in place is really important for advertisers.

In a new roll-out, Google is allowing advertisers to track cross-device conversions within AdWords to give you a better insight into where your conversions originated. Google will provide information such as the conversion type, the country the conversion has come from and which devices were used throughout the consumer journey from search to conversion.

A common example of this user journey would be a potential customer sat on a train on their mobile or tablet. They Google “Christmas gift ideas”, and a Google advert directs them to Amazon. To save adding in theirr payment details on the go, they save multiple gift ideas in their basket for when they get home. When they’re home, they revisit their basket on their laptop or desktop to complete the purchase. This is a typical example of a common user journey that begins on one device and ends on another.

Implementing cross-device tracking will allow you to:

  • track your conversions more accurately and adjust your bids accordingly
  • optimise for cross-device conversions in your automated bid strategies by looking at cost per acquisition across mobile, tablet, and desktop
  • measure the value of mobile/tablet marketing more accurately
  • drive more registrations

To find out more about Google cross device tracking, watch this video and get in touch with your partner manager today.

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