Tailored Services Lead to Success

There are so many different ways you can take your brand forward, but addressing your target audience in the correct way is the key to having a successful revenue generating site. An example of this is Grant Weston’s, this site focuses on “The essence of excellence” and their main aim is to attract a high end clientele.

Grant shows he is thinking of new and additional services to attract and retain his members business, which is something we would encourage anyone who wishes to be successful in this industry to do. He aims to provide services suitable for any entrepreneurs, philanthropists, or formally educated professionals who expect the finer things in life. Examples of the extra services offered include executive car service for their members, concierge service, and innovative flower designers from florists. These are some of the good and inspiring idea’s that are going to implement into their business. These all can help with member retention, brand loyalty, and keep their members satisfied for their duration. This is a brand that you are building, not just a website.

Of course this isn’t just an attraction to his site but an additional benefit to their revenue. This is going to be an obvious asset to once it has arrived and will help this site to be set apart from the other competitors. They aim to help attractive and selective professional men and woman getting together sticking to their motto of “The essence of excellence”. It’s a good example of how to target those that require a highly personalised service and generate their fair share of revenue from this, and now even further services to profit from.

They are doing an excellent job pulling everything together with a tasteful and elegant site design. Why not check out the site and see for yourself at


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