Status Update – Payment Issue Resolved

It’s with much pleasure that we’re able to announce that the payment issue that was recently experienced has now been resolved in full. For those of you who didn’t get to read the last post, please find below a summary which outlines the issue and steps that are being implemented to stop the same issue from occurring in the future.

SagePay, our payment provider experienced a series of failures in their main and standby systems on Monday evening which failed to failover as expected. No data was lost, but SagePay prioritised getting all data restored in favour of returning the system online quicker but only restoring part of the data. SagePay have told us that they are taking immediate actions to improve the reliability of their processes and backup systems to prevent a repeat of the last two days.

All rebills from 8pm on Monday through to early this morning have been processed today so our partners will see a larger than expected rebill figure for today, incorporating the missing rebills during this period. Initials/re-initials between 8pm and midnight on Monday were affected but had mostly recovered yesterday.

WLD will be working closely with SagePay to ensure that these goals of having stable and reliable backups are met and that our partners aren’t affected in this way again.

We apologise for the huge inconvenience this has caused all our partners and customers.

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