Putting Your Members First

Keeping your members happy, giving them what they want, as easy and accessibly as possible -this is what it’s all about as your members are the ones that make your pocket feel that little bit heavier every month! We need to look after them and give them the best service possible. One of our partner’s sites, does just that. The motto on their website “our members always come first,” is used continuously throughout the sites pages and reassures members that their commitment to the site is not overlooked, (and yes the pun was intended) is packed full of lots of great content and offers a great deal more then just a dating service. From the splash page, users navigate to the home page, which then has many different options for where members can head to next. Site users can get an overview of the members already on the site, ranging from the UK, America, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

The site has great social media links, including it’s own facebook page and twitter account. You can read up on their blog pages, and engage in online chats. This is a great way to get members more engaged with the site as they can relate and get more involved with these social media aspects, leaving comments and communicating with the team. It all helps to make the site more personal. You can even buy yourself a Dirtylikeus T-shirt!

The site has some great visual images, making their members experience fun but also user friendly.

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