Puppy love has never been sweeter!

We’re so excited to announce the launch of our new site on the platform.  The site already has 20,000 adult dogs registered and we’re expecting strong continued growth. Unlike other dog dating sites where dog owners are matched with each other, matches the actual dogs. It seems barking mad that this has never been done before.

This was a bone of contention at as traditional models have always been human based – focusing on owners rather than their pets. But Ross Williams, CEO, decided to take the brave step of taking dating to the next level:-

“I think dog owners need to realize that dogs need love as well. They want to choose the right partners to have puppies with.”

Ross has already registered his Chihuahua Pinkie and is happy to announce that Pinkie soon will have puppies with a Wolfhound who refused to be named. is being released with a huge range of features including video profiles, bark recognition technology and pet psychologists on hand to help the process of puppy love. We will be rolling out new features soon including DNA matching and speed dating. will also partner with iovation to create a safe dating environment and protect dogs against the cape hunting dogs from Nigeria.

We look forward to bringing love to a different species which will hopefully lead to the the birth of happier puppies, being born into loving relationships.

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