Product updates: Navigation, migration and legislation

Following our last post, we have made additional updates to our payment pages and terms and conditions, as well as moving forward with implementing Google Analytics Universal and adding new features to the front-end of White Label Dating® sites.

Team Tron


Team Tron1. To ensure that upgrade emails are consistent with new UK distance selling regulations and that users are fully aware of their consumer rights as part of this act.

2.To improve user experience and engagement levels by prototyping a new way to navigate the application on desktop.

Team Tron are currently ensuring that all of our existing upgrade emails make members’ consumer rights under the distance selling regulation clear to them.

In addition, we are taking the first steps in prototyping a new way to navigate the site to replace the current desktop navigation bar. This is still in the early stages, so we’re starting the project off with a lot of behind the scenes work to ensure that any future changes can be implemented easily.

Team Pi


Pi1. To increase profile completion rates by redesigning the Profile Wizard.

2. To increase verification rates by making our verification email responsive and compatible with mobile devices.

3. To update the UK terms and conditions to ensure they are inline with upcoming changes to UK legislation.

Team Pi are working on a couple of different areas right now, one of which is a redesign of the  profile wizard that members see when they sign up. We’re looking at ways to make this more engaging for users, so that they create content rich profiles and we achieve a higher level of profile completion. As well as this, Pi continue to look at ways of increasing verification rates across all networks by making the current verification email responsive and more compatible with mobile devices.

There are also some upcoming changes to UK legislation regarding subscriptions and the information available to members. We’re updating our terms and conditions inline with this new legislation to remain compliant with industry regulations.

Team Bolt


Bolt1. To increase profile completion through the use of Profile Q&As.

2. To roll out the new Google Analytics Universal tracker to all sites.

3. To update the subscription information available on the payment page.

Team Bolt are working on the final part of the Profile Q&A project  to ensure that all answers submitted by members go through our moderation team to be reviewed before they are visible on sites. When this part of the project is complete, we will test the feature on selected sites before rolling it out across all networks. Profile Q&As will be available on both the desktop and mobile applications.

As well as this, we will soon be able to confirm when partners will need to update their Google Analytics accounts so that they can use the new GA Universal tracker. This is currently being tested on a selection of sites; when we have confirmed that everything is tracking as it should be, all partners will receive information from us about how to implement the new tracking code and when the deadline for the switch is. If you have any questions about GA Universal, please get in touch with the Partner team.

Finally, as well as the work Team Pi and Team Tron are doing, Bolt are also looking at the subscription information users see on the payments page to ensure it is compliant with recent changes to legislation to ensure that it continues to be easy for users to read and understand.

Team Prime


Prime1. To complete the migration of all adult, alternative and casual network transactions from our current payment provider to our new payment gateway.

All initial transactions for the aforementioned networks are now being processed by the new gateway. The final part of this project is to import all existing transaction data for active members on these networks which will allow the system to re-bill current subscriptions and process re-initials via the new service.

Our teams are working on so many projects to enhance your sites, this fortnights update only just scratches the surface! We’ll be back in two weeks’ time with more on our recent releases and what each of our teams are currently working on.

Alex and Ben, Project Managers at White Label Dating®


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