Product update: Spotlight Bar, Profile Wizard and ‘Looking For’

Here’s what our development team are working on at the moment…

Team Tron

Team TronAim:

1. To continue modifying the Spotlight Bar.

In the last update we shared details of some enhancements to the Spotlight Bar. Since then, we’ve opened the feature up to basic members who have purchased credits and made the feature available to a greater number of members on niche sites.

The team is now focusing on drawing more attention to the Spotlight Bar and improving its usability by tweaking the interface.

Team Pi


1. To develop the Profile Wizard on desktop.

2. To work on the Email Rendering Pipeline.

Team Pi are now getting close to releasing the first version of the new Profile Engagement Wizard. We finalised the design & copy, and integrated the prototype into the back-end. The team are hoping to have this exciting feature out very soon!

The team are planning to implement a new email rendering service to simplify and expedite CRM-related development work. This will mean that it will be simpler to implement changes in the future. It should also enhance email deliverability and make it easier to convert emails to responsive templates.

Team Bolt


1. To launch and test the ‘Looking For’ feature.

2. To work on Profile Q&A in the US and Canada.

Profile completion is the name of the game in Bolt’s current sprint. The team hope to increase profile completion rates by launching the new ‘Looking For’ feature on a selection of desktop test sites. The feature allows members to identify which characteristics they want from a potential date. When viewing profiles, members will quickly see if the person is someone who matches their ‘Looking For’ criteria. We expect the feature to drive premium upgrades and increase the number of completed profiles, ultimately resulting in more matches and higher member satisfaction levels.


Additionally, Team Bolt is working on releasing the Profile Q&A feature across sites in the US and Canada. We expect this to enhance profile completion rates and engagement between members, while also bringing parity to our geographic networks.

Team Prime


1. To continue working with new and existing payment gateways.

We told you last time that Team Prime has been working on integrating new and existing payment gateways; more specifically, the team launched PayPal Pro on all US Mainstream sites. This sprint, Prime aim to launch and A/B test PayPal Pro on UK Mainstream sites to gauge its effectiveness. The team will also continue to work on new payment gateways to offer more processing options and therefore higher payment success rates.

That’s all for now, but check back in with us next time to see our progress!

Alex and Ben, ScrumMasters at White Label Dating®


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