Product update: Profile Wizard, payments and refining our accuracy

Here’s what our development team are working on at the moment…

Team Pi


Pi1. To assess Scamalytics data accuracy against our own.

2. To broaden the usability of the new Profile Wizard.

In our last post, we told you about our progress on integrating Scamalytics into our platform. Our focus now is to continuously improve and test the data that Scamalytics uses to assign scammer scores. The better this data is, the more accurate the scores will be, and the more effective Scamalytics will be in automatically removing scammers from our system. This will mean that our moderation team can focus their efforts on deeper investigations.

Team Pi is also working on modifying some of the new Profile Wizard prototypes so that we can test them on a wider range of sites. Initial test results showed increased profile engagement among users so enabling the Profile Wizard across more sites is exciting news!

Team Bolt


team_bolt_logo1. To add new payment gateways.

2. To improve the profile page.

After extensive testing to optimise success rates, Team Bolt has switched UK mainstream and casual payments to new payment gateways. The changes are transparent for members but will result in a greater number of successful payments.

Bolt has also made some changes to the profile page with the aim of increasing engagement. Changes include adding a new sticky menu bar and one-click action buttons. The team are currently running with Kanban so they’re able to react quickly if any live issues arise, as well as working on updates and fixes from our backlog. As always, these adjustments have been made to make sure we deliver the best possible product to members.

That’s all for now, see you next time! If you have any questions about our latest product updates, please contact the partner team.

Ben AuYeung, ScrumMaster at White Label Dating®

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