Product update: Profile Wizard and launch of the Spotlight Bar

Here’s what our development team are working on at the moment…

Team Tron


Team Tron1. To launch the Spotlight Bar.

Team Tron have now completed development work on the Spotlight Bar, which launched last week! As we mentioned before, the Spotlight Bar allows users to promote their profiles to other members by appearing on a special bar at the top of nearly every page on the site. The first iteration is now enabled for all non-US general and mature sites on the desktop application. Users need to have full membership and must also have an approved profile photo to appear in the bar. We plan to monitor the performance of this feature while Team Tron begin work to enable this feature for mobile too.

This is an exciting step in increasing member engagement, allowing members to increase their visibility online and find their perfect match!

Team Pi


Pi1. To continue to develop the new Profile Wizard.

2. To provide users with a cancellation by post form.

The Profile Wizard has been Team Pi’s main focus over the past few weeks. The latest enhancements will offer members an insight into how complete their profiles are, as well as offering examples of how to achieve the best results. As this is an ongoing feature, we’ll have another update on the feature’s progress in our next post.

As well as working on the Profile Wizard, Team Pi added a new downloadable form allowing users to cancel their membership by post, within the first 14 days of their membership. We’re introducing this function to remain compliant with recent changes to legislation.

Team Bolt


team_bolt_logo1. To roll out Profile Q&As to general and mature networks.

2. To complete the development of the feature formerly named ‘Ideal Match’.

Following the success of the Profile Q&A test period, the feature has now been rolled out to all non-US general and mature network sites across desktop and mobile. The launch also includes the release of a new login nag encouraging users who are yet to fill out Profile Q&As to do so. This has successfully boosted engagement across the network and the volume of rich, detailed profiles has increased significantly. The next phase of launch will see the team make minor changes to get the product ready for the US network.

In our last update, we shared details of a feature called ‘Ideal Match’. After a brainstorm in Team Bolt’s last sprint, ‘Ideal Match’ has now been dubbed ‘Looking for’. This functionality will allow users to select which characteristics they’re looking for in a potential partner. These details will then be displayed on their profile for others to see. We hope to be able to show you some imagery of the new feature in our next post, as well as more details of our vision for the product. Watch this space!

As always, if you have any questions about our latest product updates, please get in touch with the partner team to find out more. See you in two weeks!

Alex and Ben, Project Managers at White Label Dating®

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