Partner spotlight: Strictly Dating

A number of White Label Dating® partners are seeing success with new portfolios that focus on building recognisable brands. Silver partners Nichola and Caspar Craven’s newest brand, Strictly Dating is the latest to follow suit. Learn how they’re planning on marketing the site in the early stages and why social media marketing will take a leading role in their launch strategy.

Tell us a bit about your portfolio and/or brand

Strictly Dating is a collection of sites for people who are serious about dating. We work very hard to ensure our members have the best dating experience possible by sharing current and relevant advice from our team of experts. Strictly Dating operates in seven countries and offers niche sites for mature, Christian, gay, casual, and more.

How are you marketing your sites? What’s your most successful marketing channel so far?

The main acquisition channel for Strictly Dating is paid search. We work closely with our partner manager at White Label Dating to ensure we are continuously optimising our performance and achieving the best return on investment. We also use social media channels to engage with our members and to reach new customers. While our site is still quite new, we predict that social media marketing will be the most powerful channel for us.

What makes your brand different?

What makes Strictly Dating different is that we are totally committed to helping each and every member find the relationship they want. Not only do we have world leading technology but we also teamed up with the world’s leading dating experts to share the very best dating advice and insights.

What three pieces of advice would you give to someone looking to build a successful dating brand?

1. Make sure you stand for something. As they say, if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. Be clear about your brand identity and what it represents.

2. Don’t just rely on one marketing channel. Use a variety of channels to increase your audience visibility and spread your risk.

3. Be consistent. Make sure you have a solid communications plan and stay in constant dialogue with your audience.

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