Over 50’s Lifestyle Site Launches New Dating Site

Prime50plus is fast becoming the UK’s No.1 lifestyle site offering great tips and advice specifically designed and marketed for an older generation. The site offers a unique customer experience and its aim is to help add that little something extra to someones life, Prime50plus quotes:

“We’ve designed this exciting new Website specifically for you and your generation. Baby Boomers who are approaching or over 50, who are already leading successful, fulfilling lives but are now looking for something more.”

Site users arrive onto the home page which gives a brief overview of what the site offers its members. There are seven different tabs you can choose from including Travel and Leisure, Wealth, Health, Shop Window, Career, Friendship and Dating and Property. All the pages link in with the same appealing continuous theme and each tab offers tips, useful website links and relevant products.

The site has a real friendly and welcoming feel to it, and the launch of the Prime50plus dating service adds that extra bit of spice to an already successful site. The Friendship and Dating option has a soft and playful approach, making it more appealing to sign up. There is an option to search for locals in the area so straight away the customer can get a feel as to whether or not the site is right for them.

Paul Kern, director of Prime50plus had this to say about the site and his partnership with White Label Dating:

“We are delighted to be working with White Label Dating as this exciting new dating service ideally compliments the other premium services being offered to our customers. From the research we have carried out, Social Networking and Dating are key growth areas for the 50 plus market. I would like to compliment you and your organisation in the way you have acted so quickly to create the Prime50plus Dating White Label site. From what we have seen, we are impressed with the quality of the site, the T&C and the way it is set out. I was also very impressed by the friendly feel and usability of the customer pages once someone has completed a free sign in. I can see why people who sign in for free then go on to purchase a service. We look forward to promoting Prime50plus Dating.”

Feedback like this is a really great incentive for to keep working closely with our partners and helping them improve their sites as much as possible! So remember if you ever fancy adding that little bit extra to your site, our dedicated team are always willing to help.

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