Optimising your sites ahead of Christmas

During last year’s festive period, sites on the White Label Dating network typically saw a 20% increase in basic registrations and a 15% increase in revenue. Partner Manager, Sarah Iles, tells you how to capitalise on the uplift in demand – a few design tweaks might just help you do it.

Potential members are likely to trust your brand more if you regularly refresh your content. By updating just a few elements of your page with a more festive theme, you’ll give your brand some personality and keep your brand relevant.


There are a few easy ways to give your brand a seasonal refresh. Why not consider adding some festive cheer to your logo? Think Christmas hats, tinsel and snow.

Xmas Logo

Something as simple as updating your hero image could also have a big effect on increasing your conversion rate. It’s advisable to test any image update that you make to ensure that any changes are having a positive impact. Think about making just a small change like adding some snow falling in the background of the image you already have in place.

If you update any of your branding on-site, make sure you’re consistent across all of your other branded outlets too. That could be on extra advertising collateral, social media channels or banners. Giving your brand some personality is an effective way of increasing your social engagement.

Think about keywords

Don’t forget that the SEO text on your landing page is key to people discovering your site, so updating it with phrases like ‘find love at Christmas’ and ‘start the New Year with someone new’ will support this. Remember that any additions to your page need to be relevant as Google are now penalising sites with thin content.

Hopefully these ideas will get your creative juices flowing! For advice on updating your page design ahead of Christmas, contact the partner team today.

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