Optimising site performance

Last week, I gave you an introduction to niching and told you how to optimise your site with the Campaign Tracking tool for maximum performance. Now I’m going to tell you more about how you can further optimise your campaigns.

You’ve set up dating sites, began to cross-sell between your portfolio and are successfully marketing it. How do you further improve the performance of your campaigns? The answer is simple: Never stop testing.

You should try to improve your landing page conversion rate so that you gain more members for the same advertising budget; essentially, this will drive your down your acquisition cost per basic member. Try out different formats, designs and copy to find which converts the best. Some examples of landing pages with high conversion rates are:

Please note: Never replicate another site design – it will not be allowed on the platform.

Give your brand its own identity. Users don’t join just one dating site, and nor do they choose only the first site they visit. Ensure that your site looks and feels unique, appealing to your target audience.

When using PPC, your main aim should be to get as many registrations as possible for your money. Traffic that visits your site via PPC has two options – to join the site or login. Therefore, a PPC landing page should vary from the design of your homepage, which will show login or ‘join’ forms and links to other content like your blog or social media accounts. Speak to your partner manager for advice on how to create a good landing page; they’ve seen what works and what doesn’t so make the most of their knowledge.

You should also think about how you can encourage more members to convert into paid subscribers. Ask yourself: Am I charging too much or too little? How can I increase the lifetime value of my paid subscribers? Then work to answer those questions.

In January, built a tool allowing us to test existing price points, new price points and package mix highlights. There have been some amazing results. When you’ve found a payment band that works, test another price band or payment option against it. This may help you to achieve a higher payment page conversion rate, thus, a higher cash per upgrade and lifetime value.

There are always levers waiting to be pulled that can increase basic registrations, conversion rates and / or lifetime values. Test a landing page and when you find a winner, test it again against another variation. Never stop testing or improving your site: that’s the key to dating business success.

Please get in touch with your Partner Manager today if you’d like help or advice on using the Campaign Tracking tool, PPC or landing page design. It’s what they’re here for!

Gary Taylor,

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