‘Online dating industry to grow by 25 pct in 2010’

RSVP, a dating website in Australia recently carried out a survey on more than 3000 people and found that 50% of them had giving online dating a try and 10% had actually met their current partner on an online dating website. Not only that they also found that 11% knew someone who had had children with a partner that they had met online.

These numbers just provide more evidence that online dating really is becoming a huge Internet phenomenon.  Within Australia, the online dating industry has grown by 5% compared to last year and is expected to grow to a further 5 to 10% this year. That’s a huge increase within such a short space of time, clearly our friends down under are catching on fast to the Internet sensation that is online dating.

According to the online article, ‘Passion fires on the web‘ featured in The Sunday Morning Herald, business analysis IBISWorld expects the industry to earn almost $100 million from subscriptions and advertising this year alone. Cupid Media, Australia’s biggest online dating company are expecting to generate 15,000 to 20,000 new customers each day and has grown by about 3 million users in the past 18 months.

We look forward to seeing these figures going up and up over time, soon people won’t know what they did without Internet dating!

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