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Niching – What is it and how can it be used?

When a member signs up to a site on the network, they fill out profile information which tells us what they’re looking for from a dating site and who they might be compatible with. Members are prompted to fill in details about their characteristics and interests, and their age and gender is captured upon sign up.

The addition of our new Profile Completion Wizard has resulted in a fourfold increase in the number of profile completions since launch, just a few weeks ago. As well as improving member engagement, conversion rates and revenues, the information gained from this tool can then help you to tailor your site more specifically to users’ needs. Rather than simply launching a generic site, you can target a more specific audience by niching your site. Some of the more lucrative and strong performing niches are; Christian, Cuddly, Mature and Single Parents.

Benefits of niching

One of the great things about creating a niche site (or multiple niche sites) is that they can help you to achieve a much lower cost-per-acquisition (CPA), as well as a reduction in the cost of traffic. This is largely because you’ll find less competition on keywords like “online dating with ginger hair”, than you would for “online dating”.

It’s also worth considering that search volumes for niche sites may also be lower, however. Creating a number of niche sites that sit under your brand’s umbrella, but target different audiences, is the most effective way of monetising your traffic.

In addition to lowering your CPAs and ultimately increasing your margins, niche sites are a great way of expanding your portfolio. By offering your members tailored options to find a partner through cross-selling within your brand, you can maximise revenue potential and increase member engagement.


Cross-selling performs exceptionally well on the platform. Consumers are more aware than ever about what they want from an online dating site, with their needs becoming increasingly specific; this means plenty of opportunities to up-sell your products.

Cross-sell using banners or snippets in email footers perform well using a one-click cross-registration functionality. Two-click cross-registration functionality can also be applied to the Application footers, as well as using a snippet within the member homepage too.

You can also use pop-unders that work with login and/or logout buttons to display your secondary niche site as an alternative.

Cross-sell performance can be tracked within Campaign Tracking on a site-by-site basis. Speak to your Partner Manager about how to put this in place, if you aren’t already using the tool. It’s essential to utilise Campaign Tracking to see how well each site, campaign and niche is performing.

Get in touch with your Partner Manager today to find out more about you can use the niching tool to lower your costs, expand your portfolio and increase your ROI.

Kabeer Ghale, Partner Manager @

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