New Times Media Group team up with White Label Dating®

As part of White Label Dating®’s continuing US expansion, we’re happy to announce a new partnership with New Times Media Group; the parent organisation of a number of well-established print publications across California, US. 

New Times Media Group’s key offerings are weekly news publications which include News Times for San Luis Obispo County and Sun for northern Santa Barbara County. Together, these publications circulate 56,000+ copies each week in addition to an online reach of 63,000-80,000 hits each month.

When they found White Label Dating, the group were looking for a new channel that could maximise revenue from their online and offline readers. In addition, it was essential that this new revenue stream could seamlessly enhance audience experience and convert hits into dollars.

After identifying the opportunity that local dating presented,the group worked closely with White Label Dating to launch on 5 January 2015. The site targets the publications’ key readership areas, building on their trusted reputation as a local news provider.

Dora Mountain, Marketing & Events Coordinator at New Times Media Group shared their experience:

White Label Dating offered us a great opportunity to connect with our customers and tap into the local dating market on a unique platform that’s easy to manage.  White Label Dating provided the guidance and assistance to start our website with ease and continues to work with us to grow our new venture.

White Label Dating COO and co-founder, Steve Pammenter, said of the launch:

With New Times Media Group’s brand already focussed on ‘all things local’ White Label Dating were able to help bring online dating with a Central Coast feel to their audience. We look forward to continue supporting to grow.

If you would like more information on White Label Dating please get in touch.

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