New Niches in Dating!


Its great to see that our partners are continuing to cater for niches away from the norm, trying new ideas, and thinking of the next big thing to hit the world of online dating! To give you an idea of just how many unique and successful ideas are out there, take a look at this site set up by Thomas Barton. Having built good traffic around his original site, he decided to maximise the traffic and add extra functionality by adding a dating section to the site.

It’s great to see Thomas tackling new niches – we’ve never seen anyone try and appeal to hairdressers, that’s for sure. What a great opportunity to generate revenue in a fresh new market. He is a perfect example of an entrepreneur looking to grow and expand, we’re positive that with our help we will ensure Thomas can make his website an even bigger success!

Why not check out the site and see for yourself at

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