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Everyone enjoys a good love story and there’s nothing we like better than hearing about those who have found love on our dating sites. Here’s a selection of stories from a selection of sites, that are a testament to the benefit of niche dating on the network…

‘I first saw Single Adults Dating advertised on TV. I joined and found that I liked the way in which the site worked. It was much easier to navigate than some of the other dating sites which I’d used previously. I spotted Lee straight away but wondered why he kept winking at me, rather than sending me a message. I continued to message Lee as I really liked his profile, and eventually he messaged me back. I didn’t realise that he wasn’t a paid member, hence the winks! He then signed up for a month so that we could chat. That’s when our story began.

We hit it off straight away; before we knew it, we had exchanged telephone numbers and were meeting up for our first date. Something ‘clicked’ and we haven’t been apart since. Even though it’s early days, I am really glad that we found one another.

We both want to say a huge ‘thank you’ to you for bringing us together. As we have such busy working lives and live at opposite ends of the county, there is no way that we would have met if we hadn’t taken the plunge and joined Single Adults Dating.’ Tracy and Lee

Tattoo Lover Dating

Richard: I joined the site because I wanted to meet some interesting people, and I found a lot. Everyone was really friendly and this was a great experience to help me improve my English too.
Lauren: Guys on other dating sites are so boring in comparison. Tattoo Lovers was a no-brainer. I’ve met a lot of fantastic people, had lots of fun and made some really good friends.
Richard: When I first saw Lauren’s picture, I thought she was beautiful, funny and unique. She had similar interests to me and liked Mexican food (I’d never had Mexican before!). I winked at her and whilst we were messaging back and forth, I really enjoyed her fun and kind personality. I was really excited when we arranged to meet up.
Lauren: I got a wink from Richard and checked out his profile. He had a lovely smile and some great photos. His profile was a bit ‘quiet’, but he was really lovely when we were messaging each other. I was delighted when we decided to hang out.
Richard: The first time we met was fun and we spent time getting to know each other. We discovered that we had even more similar interests than we first realised and shared the same outlooks on life. She had me dreaming already and I wish I was brave enough to kiss her.
Lauren: I know Richard was a bit worried about his English (his first language is Hungarian), but his attitude to life and positive energy was fantastic. We really gelled and I knew that we would be hanging out again. He had me wondering whether he was going to kiss me the whole time. Dating nerves!
Richard: We had a lot of fun dates after that and I finally managed to kiss her. I haven’t stopped since! Tattoo Lover Dating is great.
Lauren: I’m lucky to have found such a great guy. It wouldn’t have been possible without I’ve been having such a great time and am looking forward to much more with Richard now. p.s. He’s a great kisser and likes Mexican food.

Spiritual Lover Dating

‘We were both looking to meet a partner with the same spiritual interests as ourselves and we both thought this was impossible.

I was into Tarot and Runes and he was into crystals and astrology. Where could we find someone else with those interests? We had each only been a member of Spiritual Lover Dating for 3 weeks before we met. We clicked straight away. We have been dating ever since and are very spiritually connected to each other. Where else in the online dating stratosphere could you meet another person who would be interested in how an Aquarian and an Aquarian could be so compatible.

If you are looking for a deep connection, this is the dating site for you. Thanks Spiritual Lover Dating.’ Kay and Graham

We’d like to thank all of these lovely couples for sharing their stories with us, and we wish them all the very best for their futures together.

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