Looking after our customers: The busy season

Christmas and New Year are far behind us and as we move further into 2014, we’re reviewing how our team performed over online dating’s busiest period of the year. As always, our customer care team kicked off the year with a bang.

Our moderation team work around the clock to keep our members safe and the Christmas break is no different. While you were probably putting out a mince pie for Santa and hanging up your stockings on Christmas Eve, Ash, Eamonn and Nisha were starting the night shift. While you were probably tucking into turkey, stuffing and brandy cream, Nayla, Jade, Polly, Tabz, Sam, Neel and Jordan were moderating into photos, profiles and Ice Breakers.

This is what the busy season looked like in numbers:

  • The number of moderations our team processed increased by around 10%.

  • Christmas Day is traditionally our quietest day of the year, but this year the number of items moderated only reduced by 20%.

  • Across the 12 day period after Christmas, the number of items moderated increased by almost a third!

A very big thank you goes to each and every member of our customer care and moderation teams for the hard work they put in over the busy season!

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