Last minute optimisation tips for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it’s important to optimise your site accordingly ready for the typical increase in traffic on dating’s busiest day of the year!

Make content relevant. If you make the tiniest change to your site ahead of Valentine’s Day, ensure your landing page contains seasonal elements so that it’s optimised for SEO. Think about including some compelling text with a clear call-to-action to draw in those conversions. For example; ‘Don’t want to spend Valentine’s Day alone? Join now to find a date!’

Never underestimate the impact that social media marketing can have on your online dating site. Sharing Valentine’s Day relevant images across Facebook and Twitter will extend your reach by putting your content in front of consumers, subsequently driving traffic back to your site. Remember that Google+ will also help Google to index your content better too.

Use Valentine’s Day as a chance to draw members in with some positive success stories. Publish those that you already have available, or speak to the Partner team to source some more, and highlight these stories on landing page. It’s worth noting that this is particularly effective in boosting registrations on mature sites.

Update Google or Bing ad text to include a mention of Valentine’s Day to improve click-through rates over this period and take advantage of the increase in search volume. For a more detailed guide on how to effectively optimise your ads this Valentine’s Day, check out Sarah’s blog.

If you’d like any advice on how optimising your page this Valentine’s Day, get in touch. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Tamsin  Boughey, Partner Manager at White Label Dating® services

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