How to monetise mobile

The online dating landscape has undergone a mobile evolution. Consumers can now access the online dating site of their choice on their smartphone, anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

Mobile now accounts for around 35% of all traffic, however, mobile adoption does vary by territory and network. We have been closely analysing mobile dating usage; here are our top tips on how to monetise your mobile traffic and where to place your spend.

Casual network

Mobile traffic currently makes up almost 40% of traffic on the Casual network, demonstrating that the added privacy options and immediacy of mobile dating is extremely attractive to casual daters.

The UK Casual network has seen an increase in both traffic volume and conversions; since October 2012, mobile traffic has risen by almost 15%, whilst conversions have also seen a significant increase. Mobile conversion on this network is typically higher than that of desktop.

Australia is another fast-growth mobile territory, with mobile traffic on the Casual network outperforming desktop. The territory has also seen an uplift in the volume of mobile traffic that it receives, with mobile accounting for an impressive 44% of total traffic [June]. This is in line with the more affluent Australian market and its exceptionally high smartphone penetration rate and 4G availability.

To take advantage of the volume of mobile traffic available, increase your spend and adjust bids for casual dating sites accordingly.

Mature network – 40+

Looking at the UK Mature network, we can see that mobile traffic makes up a much smaller proportion of the total traffic at less than 10%. Desktop conversion rates also outperform mobile.

With a proportion of the mature dating market made up of later adopters of technology, this mobile traffic trend comes as no real surprise. However, if you’re targeting the mature market, ensure that you adjust your mobile ad spend accordingly.

General Network

The  General Network sees a particularly high level of mobile usage, particularly high in Australia where there has been a 336% increase in the network’s volume of mobile traffic since October. This territory also maintains an exceptionally strong conversion rate.

The UK has also seen an increase, with the volume of mobile traffic on this network currently sitting at just under 40%, with similar high conversion rates to Australia. Although these rates are both lower than desktop conversion, they are proving to be a good additional source of traffic and are not to be ignored.

In summary…

The Casual network currently receives the greatest volume of mobile traffic. Thus, mobile should be a key area to concentrate on when assessing how to effectively obtain traffic. In addition, you should ensure that all of your casual dating sites have mobile optimised landing pages.

When analysing your Adwords Enhanced Campaigns, be sure to analyse the conversions you generate from both Mobile and Desktop traffic. If one platform is performing significantly better than the other, consider analysing the cost per device and its Lifetime Value (LTV). You can then make an informed decision and establish if it is worth investing more heavily.

Make sure that Campaign Tracking is enabled so that you can analyse your conversion rate by device and not just by keyword. Contact the Partner team to find out how to achieve this.

Frazer Comley, Partner Manager @

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