How to successfully market your niche dating site

Why should you launch a niche site? successfully

If you’re reading this blog, we don’t need to tell you that there’s a high demand for online dating services. You’ve probably seen the vast number of generic dating sites already. However, as a White Label Dating partner, you’re in the perfect position to launch a tailored, niche site offering consumers a more targeted alternative to generic sites at a lower acquisition cost.

On the White Label Dating platform, you can launch multiple niche dating sites catering to a wide variety of characteristics and interests.

A good example of this is Under the Just group, you can find a long list of niche sites such as, and

White Label Dating partner,, is another great example of how to tap unfulfilled niches. They cater for a wide variety of interests including curvy dating, student dating and alternative dating. Their vast portfolio has also earned their brand a great reputation; they now regularly contribute online dating advice to magazines such as Marie Claire – that’s publicity you can’t buy!

Marketing with paid search

Paid search campaigns for niche sites often see much lower acquisition costs than those for more generic services. To see the most effective results for your online dating site, optimise every step of the user journey from impression to click, click to registration, and registration to upgrade rates. Relevancy is the key here. Construct your campaigns in a way that provides potential visitors with a seamless user journey, as per the example below for

Keyword Grouping

Ad groups

By grouping your ad campaigns together in this way, you will maximise your potential click through rate (CTR). This will also increase your quality score, lowering the amount you pay per click.

The next step is to maximise your click to registration rate. You can do this in a similar way to how you maximised your click through rate. Relevancy is important here too.

After grouping your campaigns, you should continue that seamless journey all the way through to your landing page. The transition should be seamless through the following components:

Ad groups

Even the smallest change to your landing page copy can make a huge difference to your registration rates.

You can use this technique across all of your niche sites. Remember; when operating niche sites you also have the advantage of lower competition for search terms. As your advertising will be more targeted and users will know what they’re searching for, your acquisition costs are likely to be lower and your conversion rate is likely to be higher.

Ultimately, the more niche sites you launch the higher your return on investment will be.

David Adams, Partner Manager at White Label Dating®

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