How to get members – there’s more to life than Google PPC!!

In recent months a lot of our partners have asked us where we recommend advertising to acquire customers, particularly for the non-adult networks. The truth is that there’s more options than ever and the most successful partners use as many sources as possible to get the broadest range of customers.

Below are a few sources to get you started:

Whilst many partners advertise on indirectly through Google Adwords content network, you can cut out the middleman and advertise directly via – your ads can be live in just 5 minutes and you can target by age, gender, location and income. Learn more at
This is the largest UK-based free dating site which attracts many of their members through search engine optimisation. You can benefit from this traffic through targeted advertising. You may wish to target a specific demographic (eg. men over 50) for your site. They’ve offered WLD partners a special rate of just 50pence CPM – remember to quote WLD. To learn more, go to

MSN / Bing
A great alternative to Google is to try Bing, Microsoft’s new search engine. Generally partners report lower acquisition costs on Bing and their traffic is increasing due to a national TV advertising campaign. Learn more about advertising on Bing via

If you’ve not tried it yet, you will love what Facebook can offer you – choose to pay on a CPC or CPM basis and target only the demographics you want to get the results you need. There is a HUGE VOLUME of basic members available here, learn more at

If you want someone else to do the legwork, consider an affiliate programme for your site – you’ll need to give away some revenue to the affiliate, but this is often comparable with what you would pay Google on a CPA basis anyway (either for a basic or full member). Learn more about affiliates at then contact an affiliate agency like or to get started.

The above are just a few sources to help you acquire new customers, be sure to tag the traffic from your new sources so you can compare them in the Partner Portal.  For any extra information or if you just want to have a chat about your options, get in touch with your partner manager today, they are always more than willing to help.

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