How Many Positions Can You Do?

One of our partners has really had some fun with his site and has started a social media campaign to boost the already popular has launched one of the funniest microsites we have seen in a long time……

It’s is an interactive site where the audience can get involved and see how many sexual positions they can do using two variable fun buddies! It involves choosing your “Mr Fun Buddy” out of three different possible guys, all shapes and sizes may we just add. Then picking your “Miss Fun Buddy” again you have a choice of shapes and sizes. Once you have chosen your Mr and Miss, simply choose a position and watch a very amusing video of the two fun buddies acting out (with undies on we should point out) the sex position chosen…or in some cases, and even more funny to watch, failing miserably! You really do need to check it out for yourself to get the full effect, You can also check out a funny video on of a few very amusing outtakes and clips of the making of the site. is one of the best forms of marketing we’ve seen from one of our partners. It’s perfect for viral and will be all over the internet in no time, it’s hard not to want to e-mail it over to your mates to have a giggle at once you have experienced it for yourself! As search marketing becomes more competitive, this kind of well executed social media campaign is well equipped to appeal to the right market.

Remember at our 2010 partner awards, we have a award for the best marketing campaign and is just the sort of thing we are looking for and its definitely given the White Label Dating office a few giggles!!


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