Going Crazy for!

One of our partners has had a very busy and successful day today and should be very proud! is a niche site that offers supporters of Gaelic Games the chance to put aside their sporting rivalry and see if they can become a match made in haven.

The site, set up only three week ago has been very successful over in Ireland where Gaelic Games are hugely popular and it seems so is! Today alone the site has been featured in two online articles, in one newspaper, has had calls for interviews from one of the top radio stations in Ireland and Newstalk and has had huge interested from the Irish News in Belfast.
basic member count has gone through the roof today thanks to all the media attention the site has received and will only continue to rise due to all the press the site is getting. The site’s owner is still getting inundated with phone calls so we can’t see the press around it stopping today!

Huge congrats to and it just shows what can happen when you set up a site that really interests people!

Take a look at the online articles below and have a read for yourself:


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