Friendship First

Whilst online dating is becoming more socially acceptable amongst the masses, there are still people out there that would rather seek friendship in the hope that it turns into more. It’s therefore great to see a number of our partners taking advantage of this opportunity and tailoring their offering to reflect this., and are great examples of sites that approach dating in a much more subtle way – focusing on the friendship aspect, trying to match you with people who have similar interests and hobbies. Specializing in a friendship niche makes it that little bit less daunting for potential members to sign up to a site. The thought of finding a new friend is a lot less scary then searching for “the one”. Friendsormates states that “you don’t have to be looking for a romantic relationship to join”, this definitely takes off that immediate pressure and allows people to make those first initial connections., is part of, which is an online community for Yours Magazine readers, traditionally for the over 50s. The site claims that you can be looking for love, friendship or just an online chat, there are potential friends for everyone. The site has a very warm and welcoming feel to it which adds that softer touch to the dating world.

If you’re looking to diversify your portfolio of dating sites, there’s plenty of potential with setting up a friendship site. After all, it’s a friendship that keeps sailing on forever.

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