Diversity Pays Off

We continue to encourage our partners to diversify their site portfolio over as many countries as possible to monetise those new and developing markets across the globe.

One of our partners, John Taylor, recently launched sites across all of our international networks and has seen great success. Originally launching in the UK, John went on to expand internationally once identifying the untapped opportunity. He’s since found that his South African site, has been his fastest growing site.

Surprisingly, It’s John’s Australian site which is showing the greatest potential, growing by an average of 60% since July. Overall, It’s member count has grown by an average of 52% since Launch.

Historically, the South African network has always outperformed that of Australia but this goes to show what’s possible with the right branding and marketing.

Here at we pride ourselves on expanding into new markets that are less saturated, providing greater opportunities to our partners. This is something that we remain dedicated to and are delighted to see such great results as a result.


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