Dating Done Professionally

The trend in niches is growing when it comes to targeting professionals. Rose Khan has launched two sites on the General network to target this niche in particular. and both target the same kind of audience, young professionals and successful city workers looking to find their perfect match, or just on the hunt to find a business man or woman who is looking for something a little more serious and sophisticated, but may not have the time to date through traditional mathods.

Niche sites continue to do well. Something to bear in mind when starting your dating site, is to try and make sure you have an eye catching design which Rose has taken note of. Make sure your site is different, and appeals to the audience your targeting. This is crucial, and all of the influencing factors are things you should consider. With a dedicated Partner Manager from we’ll be able help you and advise you on your decisions, such as design, price bands, special offers that could apply, there is so much to offer! Always remember, this isn’t just a website it’s your revenue, so do it right!

Ultimately Rose shows a great example of hard work and we wish her the best of luck and we are proud to have her on board with the family. We’ll look forward to seeing her new dating sites grow and prosper. If you take a look at her websites you can see what good design and niche targeting can produce to generate revenue. Why not check out the sites and see for yourself at and


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