Customer Support Team Update w/c 5th Oct

Gosh, has it been a week already? But there is plenty to share since last weeks issue! Our support team have had a busy week over the past seven days covering holiday absence. But our dedicated Support Team are not shy of a challenge and are used to working well under pressure which is good given the level of activity that they’re faced with every day. Plus a little something extra we’d like to share in our good feed back section below is a support message received by Cara Bunce (our latest edition to the team as you very may well have read in our last issue) which shows us she’s not just fitting into the customer support role fast but to the standards and professionalism that the rest of the team holds.

Monday 28th Sept – Sunday 4th Oct 09

Member Query of the week

We have recently added the option for members to pay for membership via their mobile phones. As mobile popularity increases, so do these queries! This is proving to be a very popular method of payment amongst our members, not only is it a quick process, but it also provides a discreet form of upgrading with us. The payment is taken either from their phone credit or is simply added onto their phone contract at the end of every month. And for our members who want to be provided a more discreet form of upgrading with us are beginning to prefer this method. This is turn is increasing conversions, which is great news for our partners.

The main question asked regarding this payment method is, how we will appear on the phone bill, and if the upgrade process is immediate. The information appears on members phone bills as a simple short code of numbers! This not only eases their mind about paying in a safe and secure way but actually encourages members to make a payment with us because it’s so simple. We also assure members that if they have sufficient credit on their phone, then the upgrade will processed within 24 hours, which means they can start sending and receiving all of those messages that will help them find their online love!

Complaint rate

Good customer experience feedback for you!

Here are 2 quotes for you to look at that your Customer Support Team has received this week.

We received a message from Sandra,
Sandra: “Hi Cara, thanks for your swift reply. My compliments to you and your team for the professional approach and manner in which you have handled the situation. That is what a good site with good and solid team support should be offering subscribers. I wish you a great rest of the day. Sandra “

And we have another message to share from Helen,
Helen: “Hi – please could you arrange for my profile to be taken off the system completely. Thought you’d like to know that I met a guy on fit dates 6 weeks ago and we’re head over heels: thank you! Many thanks for your help. Helen”

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